RunParts is one of Israel’s largest vehicle spare parts companies.
RunParts maintains a important stock of both genuine and after-market parts, constantly at your disposal.
Since 1976, RunParts’ customers have enjoyed high quality service and professional solutions for the world’s most popular vehicles and models.
For many years now, RunParts has had strong commercial relationships with companies, organizations and suppliers worldwide.
Service, Quality and the right Price – You deserve the very best in vehicle spare parts


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About RunParts

The RunParts Company is one of Israel’s largest companies vehicle spare parts market. The Company maintains a vast stock of spare parts, which is constantly growing and renewed. RunParts stocks genuine and spares for the country’s highest selling, worldwide brands: Mazda, Peugot, Renault, Ford, Subaru, Daewoo, SsangYong, Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Fiat, Opel and more…
RunParts was established in 1976 by Ron Segman, a highly experienced, well respected professional in the field. Today, Mr. Segman serves as the Company’s President and he is the driving force behind its constant growth. Since it was founded, RunParts has focused on professionalism, customer service, uncompromising quality and a system-wide approach to the vehicle spare parts market. RunParts aims to provide a complete, professional solution for every aspect in the sector.
RunParts has solid working relationships with the largest companies in the Israel marketplace and it does not supply to private customers.
RunParts maintains a highly efficient distribution array that reaches every corner of the country, including the areas under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.
At the same time and throughout its existence, the Company has established mutually beneficial commercial ties with vehicle parts manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Our Products

Genuine Parts

In the world of vehicle parts, the genuine product is very important. Genuine parts are manufactured in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s precise requirements and they are supplied to you through authorized agents. That means they are the products best suited to your vehicle in terms of their accurate dimensions, the manufacturer’s requirements for your vehicle’s performance and their quality.
Genuine parts last longer and perform better.
RunParts maintains a vast stock of vehicle parts from the world’s largest vehicle manufacturing companies: Subaru, Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Mazda, Hyundai, Citroën, Daewoo, Daihatsu, SsangYong, Volkswagen, Fiat and Opel.

Usually, genuine parts are more expensive than aftermarket replacement spare parts (not manufactured by the actual vehicle manufacturer). But on the other hand, the manufacturer provides extra warranty for those parts. Thanks to our international business connections, you will also benefit from outstanding cost savings.

After Market-Parts

After market parts constitute an important factor in the vehicle part marketplace. They are not manufactured by the vehicle manufacturers, but they are considered replacement parts in every other sense and depending on their manufacturer, they can be excellent quality parts.
The high quality after-market parts now available are fully tested to ensure that they are a perfect match for the designated vehicle and in most cases; they are manufactured to the same specifications as original parts. Sometimes, the same factory producing parts for the vehicle manufacturer also manufactures a line of after-market parts.
Even so, it is very important to check exactly who is selling you after-market parts because very low quality products are also on offer in the marketplace. Before you purchase any spare parts, make sure that your supplier stocks high quality parts from factories manufacturing to the highest standards.
The RunParts Company is the authorized representative in Israel for after-market parts from the best, highly respected manufacturers worldwide. They include: MAHLE, AMDINI, TAMA, IJS, SECO

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